Information for New Team Members

Information for Line Managers

Below are links to documents to help support you create a warm welcome for your new team members. For copies of the Line Manager Induction Checklist Booklet, Team Member Induction Booklet and Welcome Cards (only available in print at the moment) please contact the People Team on:

Plan out the first few weeks of your new starter’s time with Daniel Thwaites. It includes
some suggestions of what should be included in their first few weeks

Every new starter should have a buddy. This document will help the buddy understand what’s
expected of them to support the new team member.

Probationary Review Form

Regular communication is key, particularly in the early stages of a team members journey with us and we ask you sit with your team member to complete a probationary review conversation on their 4, 8 and 12 week anniversaries

Induction Rollout Documents

Useful Information

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