Fleece refurb is complete


The Fleece in Cirencester has re-opened with a brand new look after a major investment.

The external appearance and entire ground floor of the Inn have been transformed, including the introduction of a new bar and lounge, more dining spaces and a private meeting area.

The building was closed for two weeks while the work took place and reopened on Monday, July 10.

Around £300,000 has been spent on the new look, which has also included a fresh new colour to the building and a new logo celebrating the tradition of weighing sheep to assess its fleece.

General Manager, Philip Mehrtens, said: “It looks amazing – the plans looked great but it’s even better in real life. They have really thought through everything, even down to the tiles on the back of the bar with the new Fleece logo.

“The upper bar has been totally transformed – it’s much more comfortable and the booth seating makes a big difference. And we are delighted with our new dining areas and we’re already getting bookings for the private dining room.

“It’s not just inside that looks refreshed, our courtyard is now a beautiful haven and we’ve even got a new colour on the front of the building. Everything looks different.

“We’ve had a great reaction from guests – and it was really nice over the weekend as staff couldn’t wait to come back to work as they wanted to see what it all looks like now.”