The Pride of Thwaites winners


Our Pride of Thwaites awards took place this weekend (January 12), celebrating the fantastic work that goes on around the business.

The awards were open to everyone who works for us and 400 nominations were put forward by colleagues

Around 150 people enjoyed the celebration event at Cottons Hotel & Spa. The team at Cottons did a fantastic job, creating a memorable event for everyone.

After all the effort you put into submitting nominations, we’re sure you’ll be keen to know who the winners were. Congratulations to all 32 of them – an amazing achievement to be recognised in this way:

Unsung Hero: somebody in a back of house role, who works under the radar to support their team, guest or the wider business. You can see the pride they have in their work, they strive for excellence in what they do.

Winner: Miggi Moisteiro from the Millstone

Highly commended: Andrew Roddis from Cottons Hotel & Spa and David Vepers from the Crown at Pooley Bridge

Customer Service Superstar: somebody who goes the extra mile to make our guests or customers feel valued. They provide the warmest of welcomes and it is clear they appreciate our customers, anticipating what they might want or need.

Winner: Louise Watson (Pub Ops Team at Head Office)

Highly commended: Jessica Williams (Langdale Chase) and Zoe Ellison (Millstone)

Rising Star: someone who has really taken learning and development to heart and pushed themselves. Maybe they have completed one of our training opportunities and the difference in the way they go about their work is noticeable or perhaps they have taken on a development opportunity and are really standing out.

Winner: Holly McNair (Beverley Arms)

Highly commended: James Clarke (Cottons) and Nathan Dalton (Crown at Pooley Bridge)

Business Impact Award: someone who has had an amazing idea or introduced a new way of working which has made a difference. It might be sales, team engagement or sustainability, for example. Whatever it is, they have shown creativity or entrepreneurial spirit, been adventurous or maybe spotted a trend and turned it into an opportunity.

Winner: Paul Turner (for his work at the Crown at Pooley Bridge)

Highly commended: Connor Elkin (Solent) and Sarah Jenkins (North Lakes)

Support of the Year: recognising the work of someone who support our properties – they have made a valuable contribution to the work you do.

Winner: Claire Macdonald (Kettering Park)

Highly commended: The Horsemen (Richard Green, Jonathan Jones and Phil Williams), Sonia Davies (Pub Ops Team at Head Office) and Matt Schofield (People Team at Head Office)

Business Manager of the Year:Nominations were put forward by the three operational directors (Andrew Buchanan, Chris Hill and Steve Martin), recognising the exceptional performance of managers.

Winner: George French (Solent)

Highly commended: Chantell Dickinson (Beverley Arms) and Linda Goodfellow (Pubs Ops Team at Head Office)

Team award categories:

Community Champions: a group or team who have led their colleagues to do fantastic work for the benefit of others. Their passion or tenacity has been the driving force behind charity fundraising, perhaps they have used their team’s skills to do something to support disadvantaged communities or maybe they’re putting their community on the map for a particular reason or cause.

Winner: Aztec Hotel & Spa

Highly commended: Lister Arms and The Fleece in Cirencester

Team of the Year: there is a clear team ethos. They appreciate each other and the different skills/personalities they each have and use that to its best advantage, working as one unit and this shows through their day to day actions and the work they do.

Winner: the Brewers (Mark O’Sullivan, Harry Brunt, Glyn Bennett, Stuart Smith, Pete Shepherd and Hannah Jepson)

Highly commended: North Lakes Kitchen Team and Solent Sales Team

Collaboration Champions: a cross-department or cross-property group who have worked together on a project or initiative. They have understood and appreciated different skill sets, bringing them together to make a difference. It may have been to develop something new or to drive improvements but whatever it was, it helped move a team, property or the business forward in some way.

Winner: the Service Through Hospitality development team (Steve Ogden, Andrew Hollett, Rachel Guy and Sara Crosby)

Highly commended: the ELMA development team (Sara Crosby, Andrew Hollett, Joe Ruddock, Carolyn Matthews and Jayne Kirkham) and Aztec HOD Operational Team (Tim Clarke, Rhys Withenshaw, Marcus Brooker and Aaron Ford)

Service Through Hospitality: this project is helping success of the business and improve the guest experience by more proactive activity. This award recognised the effort and success put in by our hotels and inns.

Winners: Beverley Arms and Kettering Park Hotel & Spa

Highly commended: Cottons Hotel & Spa and Solent Hotel & Spa

Chairman’s Award: there was a special award presented by Executive Chairman Rick Bailey to recognising the outstanding contribution of an individual to the business over the last 12 months.

Winner: Matt Schofield (Health and Safety Manager)