On FYR at North Lakes!


North Lakes Hotel & Spa has started welcoming visitors to its brand new restaurant – FYR.

Unlike anything in the area, the cooking centres around an open fire within the restaurant where meat and fish is grilled in front of guests.

It’s part of a major refurbishment of the hotel, which is updating not only the restaurant and bar but the reception area, gym, ground floor meeting room breakout space, all bedrooms and the external areas.

General Manager Antony Penny said: “We are bringing elements of our kitchen out into the restaurant and our chefs will be cooking in open view of our guests, so it’s really going to add an element of theatre as people will not just taste the food but smell it and see it as it is being grilled on an open fire.

“It’s completely different to anything else in the area and it’s been fantastic seeing this project develop.”

Over the past few months the restaurant has been overhauled – walls have been taken out, timber has been stripped back and revived, all the furniture has been removed and replaced, and decorators have been hard at work to create a new look and feel.

There are now booth seating areas that are perfect for families and groups, and around the restaurant, there are features that really grab attention, including a rowing boat hanging from the beams and a floor to ceiling mural of a Lakeland scene that has been hand painted.